Quote Chief Launches Impounded Car Insurance Service: Sept. 13

Quote Chief Launches Impounded Car Insurance Service

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Quotechief.com nationally recognised the lack of a comprehensive service for drivers to compare impounded car insurance quotes online. By launching this service Quote Chief hopes to make the market place for impounded car insurance more transparent and competitive for the end consumer.

 Some of the major benefits of Quotechief.com's copmarison service include:

  • Broad Market Comparison
  • 1 Simple User friendly form to complete
  • Specialist broker panel that can cover alternative risks
  • Vetted Brokers, so consumers are only dealing with the best customer service
  • Short term or long term policies
  • Fast response time

For more information on impounded car insurance visit Quote Chief's Impounded Car Insurance page hereStay up to date on all the inurance news and services from quote chief on theirblog, or twitter handle: @thequotechief.