Meet Your Neighbor: Swisco



I feel good about our future along the River. Camden is more organized, cleaner, has less crime, and we’re gaining more neighbors and there are less vacant buildings. The City has definitely changed.
— Paul Pallas II

Meet Paul Pallas II, Operations Manager at Swisco. Swisco, a family-owned company that began as a small repair shop in the 1970’s, has now grown into its third generation and turned into, the ultimate source for current and hard-to-find replacement parts. has an online catalog filled with replacement hardware for windows, doors, closets, lavatories, drawers, cabinets and more; online orders are filled and shipped from Swisco’s offices in downtown Camden.

Paul lives in Girard Estates in South Philly and bikes or drives over to Camden for work. His car commute is only 12 minutes, bicycling is 40 minutes, and he loves how easy the commute is. He is proud of his family-owned business’ continued presence in Camden, and he works with his dad, uncle, aunt, cousin, and two sisters. They take advantage of Camden’s low taxes, potential hires from both sides of the river, and lunches at the Victor Pub.